Making Your Customers Feel At Home: Why Customer Service is the Next Big Thing

In the world of business it is very important to know the tools of the trade and the things that your customers consider important. The core of this value relies heavily on how you perceive, treat and take care of your clients. Needless to say, Customer service is perhaps one of the most important aspects that business owners should focus on. And the very fiber of what defines a company is instilled in this very highly regarded service feature. Without it, businesses will be considered, well, finished.

One thing that companies often forget are the satisfaction of their customers, that is why providing excellent customer service makes them more client approachable. And one is more client approachable, then that company can expect more and more sales to come. Imagine yourself needing assistance and concerned about a product or service, wouldn’t you want help from the ones who know the ins and outs of it? Of course you do right? That is why there is no doubt that a strong customer service team, who are willing to go the extra mile for their customers will always come out victorious.

A study showed that 90% of customers do not come back once they have experienced poor customer service. Well for starters, I don’t blame them. They are the ones who spent money on a product or service and it is their right to get the outmost concern and attention from the company representatives. In fact, some customers, even though the products or service that they bought or subscribed is actually mediocre compared to other high end services or products stay satisfied because of excellent customer service. Why? Because they know that nothing is perfect, that is why they show their concerns and eagerness to resolve the issues that they are experiencing because out of all the services and products out there, they chose yours. And with that honor, company representatives have the obligation to take care of any problem they encounter.

But the thing is, customer service is a really stressful job. All the complaints, bad mouthing, insults and verbal jabs can really take a toll on a CSR. And in my experience, the best way to deal with this by practicing empathy. Empathy puts you, the representative, in the shoes of the client, rather than sympathy, which only shows pity for what the customer is experiencing. This practice will help the customer service team to be motivated in helping their clients because they will be more eager to solve the problem or issue, knowing that if it were to happen to them, they will be feeling the same way as the client.

To bring it all together, customer service is the crowning jewel of any business that should be given attention too. No matter the cost, a strong customer service team is needed to navigate through the tall grass of uncertainty and give the best experience to the customers. 

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